Bohemian Gay Wedding | Als Hochzeitsfotograf auf Mallorca

The wedding of Andy and Marko was a highlight for me because I was able to fly to Majorca for this occasion. From my experiences I already knew that there were countless dreamlike possibilities on the island to create really spectacular and unique wedding pictures. In Majorca I have found such extraordinary light as well as impressive colours, which can only be found here. Andy and Marko decided for a wedding on the Finca Casa CarPau. Early in the morning, at 6.45 a.m., we went to Es Trenc, a beach in the southeast of the island. There we wanted to shoot the couple pictures at sunrise. Great effect: at this time of day the beach was still completely empty. In front of the dreamlike scenery in the incomparable light of a Majorcan morning, Andy and Marko posed on the beach before we drove to the second location for the couple shooting, the village Es Llombards. 

Back at the Finca we started in the early afternoon with the last preparations for the wedding ceremony. Andy and Marko were visibly excited and nervous: again and again they looked out of the window from where they could see the location for the ceremony. They couldn’t help already shedding a tear or two. But they didn’t have to worry about the perfect preparation: the professional team of Arsvivendi, who really did a perfect job, prepared everything. Then it started. Anyone who thinks that the first time it gets emotional at a wedding is during the ceremony is mistaken: Andy and Marko had written a small message for each of their guests – with very personal and individual words. When these were handed over, the tears flowed with many guests and I too had to swallow my emotion. This gesture was truly unique and heartfelt – thanks to it, every guest felt truly welcomed by Andy and Marko. The emotional roller coaster not only had room for moments of emotion, but also for a lot of humour and cheerfulness. Andy and Marko are also a special couple: the two men, who inspire with their warm and genuine nature, have been going through life together for 17 years. Finally, they have officially set a monument to their love. All the greater was the joy of the guests, who were visibly moved to congratulate the two after the ceremony, before they left for the Finca, where an opulently laid table was already waiting for the wedding party. The celebration lasted into the night – a time I will certainly never forget. Thank you, Andy and Marko, for allowing me to get to know you and to accompany your dream-like celebration as a wedding photographer to Mallorca.