As a wedding photographer in Switzerland: Deborah and Patrick celebrate their mountain wedding

The majestic view of mountains towering into the sky has always managed to take my breath away. I was all the more enthusiastic when Deborah and Patrick hired me as their wedding photographer for a wedding in Switzerland. This much is certain: the mountain wedding of these two exceeded even my wildest expectations. 

The impressive photos of this unique mountain wedding should inspire anyone who has ever thought about having a wedding in Switzerland. After all, Deborah and Patrick knew exactly what was important to them when choosing their location. For the wedding they chose the car-free Braunwald in the beautiful setting of the Glarnerland. 

Deborah spent many unforgettable holidays there with her family as a child and since Deborah and Patrick both travel a lot, it was important for them that their mountain wedding had a very special atmosphere. Not only the impressive landscape was full of atmosphere at the wedding in Switzerland, but also the wedding ceremony. After we took the first photos of her getting ready for her big day, we went to a small mountain church, where Deborah’s father, who is a priest himself, held the ceremony. The emotional wedding was a noticeable highlight of the day for many of the guests. After the ceremony we went up to the mountain’s peak, where a tent was waiting in the Villa Kunterbunt for the festivities. Since Deborah and Patrick took care of the set-up and organisation themselves, there was a lively turmoil until the last minute, which I, as their wedding photographer in Switzerland, captured picture by picture for eternity. The gorgeous weather crowned the exuberant atmosphere throughout the party. For the music there was an Italian band, whose members met Deborah and Patrick whilst on a trip to South America. 

In my role as wedding photographer in Switzerland I was able to experience the many exuberant and very personal moments of this uniquely beautiful mountain wedding up close and personal. I am very grateful to Deborah and Patrick and wish them all the best for the future.